1. 100 E. Federal Street, Suite 422
  2. Youngstown, OH 44503
  3. 234.228.9696

Timken Latrobe Steel

The Port Authority assisted Timken Latrobe Steel Distribution (Timken) retain and expand its operations in the Mahoning Valley by providing financial resources to Timken to acquire a site, construct a building, and equip and furnish the same. The Port Authority acquired the property for the project, let a facility lease to Timken for its operation of such facilities, obtained a $150,000 Development Grant from the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD), obtained $6,185,000 in State Economic Development Revenue Bonds through the Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund Program, obtained a $3,000,000 Loan from ODOD’s 166 Direct Loan Program, and passed through the proceeds to Timken Latrobe for the project.