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Youngstown’s future Doubletree Hotel: Classic, elegant, modern

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Downtown Youngstown’s historic Stambaugh Building is starting to look like a hotel.

Ten months ago, developers were demolishing and there were still signs from businesses that once occupied the building.

Today, an outdoor elevator can take you to the top floors of the Stambaugh Building — what’s soon to be a Doubletree Hotel.

New windows have been put in throughout the entire building. The drywall is starting to go up. On the eighth floor, there are walls of what will eventually be hotel rooms.

The entire project is 60 percent complete.

“It’ll be like brand new when we’re all said and done,” said NYO Property Group CEO Dominic Marchionda.

His wife, Jackie, is doing much of the interior design.

“I was looking for a classic design,” she said.

The design of a model room set up on the tenth floor was her idea. There’s even a picture of the Stambaugh Building in the early 1900s.

“Something that pays tribute to the building. Classic, elegant, modern. I wanted it clean,” Jackie said.

There will be ten suites among 125 rooms.

Jackie pointed out the views — Central Square, the Covelli Centre, the statues on the courthouse, even Youngstown State. She said no matter where you are in the hotel, you’ll have a great view.

They’re trying to save everything that’s historical.

“We saved each and every thing that we’ve taken out,” Dominic said.

Everything that could be salvaged from the original building, like the wood trim, has been saved. A pile of marble wainscoting came from what used to be offices.

“Obviously, saved the marble and we’ll restore it and use it elsewhere,” Dominic said.

Historical preservation laws forbid the elimination of existing corridors, so a hallway on the top floor will add character to what will be a banquet room.

“This would have been a heck of a lot more functional for us had we been able to take this whole wall out, but you can’t,” Dominic said.

A reception area will go on the second floor and the first floor will house a restaurant.

“We’ve had some challenges. You find things that you have to work around but for the most part, it’s all fine,” Dominic said.

The hotel was originally scheduled to open on New Year’s Eve 2017 but now it’s been pushed back to sometime in February.

WKBN: Stan Boney, Published 7/24/2017